We are proud to offer a selection of themed battle maps for print and virtual table tops. The idea is to a a bit of extra flavor to combat and help with immersion. Each pack offers between 25 and 30 maps and at $4.99 each, offers great value for money.


The Sci-fi map pack is meant to look like older 80's space movie style maps and drawn in green lines. There are space ports, planet locations, ship interiors and much more.

The War of the Dead map packs (there are 2 so far) can be used with amazing Savage Worlds setting of the same name. But it can also be used in any zombie or post apocalyptic setting. The maps look like they were hand drawn on a handy piece of paper by survivors, before fleeing from hordes of undead. The maps cover many locations, from house interiors, city streets to sewers and deserted shops.

The Pulp themed maps are drawn on old paper, maybe from an explorer's notebook. It offers maps from jungle and desert locations, to city rooftops, museums and the airport. Great for any daring and exciting battle.

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